Thursday, 22 March 2018

Women's woes!!!

Hello all

I hope you are all well. Thank you so much for being so supportive after my last post. I am happy I have something to report....I hope you don't mind what I'm going to say...I think most of you are women and may actually relate to what I'm going to say. After becoming extremely poorly again and because it's so up and down I returned to the doctor. All blood tests came back you all know I have fibromyalgia but what has being going on seemed different. I know how the fibro affects me and know how a flare up affects me but the pain I've been suffering has been different and how I've been feeling has been different...the pain in one of my legs has been horrific (so much so I could lop it off!) and I've felt like I have permanent flu. Anyway I had a think about what has changed over the the last year. First off I lost my dad and things have been quite stressful so I made allowances for that. Then I realised I came off HRT. I did it slowly but about six months ago I finished it completely. I thought about why I started taking HRT in the first place and realised it was coz I felt so blinking awful at the time....very ill like I've been feeling now!!! Anyway after having a long talk with my doctor I have restarted the HRT. We discussed the risks etc but after the way I've felt we decided it's a case of weighing up the pros and cons and I couldn't carry on the way I have. Anyway I can not believe that after only one week back on the HRT I feel so different....the hot flushes have stopped again, the night sweats have abated and I'm feeling more like me again. I am hoping that it has done the trick. I have everything crossed that that was the problem and I won't be on here whinging about feeling so rotten and that I can get back to my crafting. 

Ok folks after all that rambling I do have a card for you. At the moment I am trying to mix in using kits I have, with crafting using my stamps etc. This card was made using Hobby house components. I just adore the images on the toppers in these kits. They are lovely kits that have card blanks, card stock, flowers, ribbon, pearl string etc all included so the colour tones are perfect. I did use a Sue Wilson die to cut the lacy edge and an SB Lacey circle die for the sentiment. The coloured pearls are also from the Hobbyhouse. Everything adds up to a pretty card. 

Right that's me off....thank you again all of you for your support....Lea X 

Monday, 19 March 2018

Just for you!

Hi everyone

Well I've been AWOL for a couple of weeks. Unfortunately I've been unwell again so not felt up to crafting much. I've still got problems with my ear which is making me feel dizzy and I've also been in a lot of pain....unfortunately that's how it goes with fibromyalgia and it just seems I'm on a roundabout of good days and bad days at the moment.  The tens machine is quite good - if nothing else it's distracting from the pain.  This weekend I've made up for no crafting and done loads. I had two special cards to get done and I've actually finished them without rushing. I can't show those just this space. My friend was taking me out for a belated lunch today but unfortunately the snow came down again!

This card was made using card stock from The Hobbyhouse. I've decided to try using some of the kits I've got. I used a Sue Wilson embossing folder to emboss the bright pink card. The pretty trim is made using a Sue Wilson die. I glued the trim to the pink card then added some pearl string. The sentiment is from the kit too. I used a SB loopy circle die to the frame the sentiment. I finished with some tiny pearls. A simple card but very pretty and I think I'll make some more like this. 

That's me done anyway guys. Catch you again soon......Lea x

Thursday, 8 March 2018

With love on Mothers Day!

Hello all

I hope this finds you well. All is not too bad this way although my ear is niggling again...fortunately I've got the doctors next week. I must get it sorted properly as it's driving me mad. I must admit I've been shattered and I slept a lot today. Mr B went to watch his beloved Spurs play football and didn't get home until 3.15am due to roadworks on the M1 and of course I couldn't settle until he was home. I've had lots of hospital appointments lately and I've got another tomorrow. I'm going for training to use a Tens machine - I've never used one before. I've had the most dreadful pain in my legs and we are trying to find a way past it...they have suggested trying a Tens machine so watch this space. I feel like a right whinge bag lately...I do apologise!

Right to my card today. I started this card at the workshop the other weekend. I didn't get it quite finished and as I've completed it at home I've changed the design slightly from what we did at the workshop. We used Sue Wilsons weaving dies to make the central part of the card. The card is coconut white and baby blue foundation card from Creative Expressions. The embossing folder is a SW one as are the Octogon dies and pretty dies in the middle (I can't remember which dies they were - sorry!). The butterfly dies are new ones I acquired last week (unfortunately I've stuck a magnetic sheet on top of the packaging and can't see the make).....I do however know the tag is made using an SB die I've had for years. I finished with pearls and a bow. 

Thanks for all your lovely comments on my posts. I'm off now to catch up with your blogs...see you on the other side....Lea X

Saturday, 3 March 2018


Hi all

Crikey it's been a few days since I blogged! Last Monday was a year since my darling Dad died....I can't believe it's gone so quickly. Like lots of you we have had a week of's stopped today but it hasn't cleared yet. 

I've had a quiet and yesterday I sat quietly colouring this digistamp. I used Polychromos to colour the image and then I inked round the image with distress ink. I then clapped some water over the ink and dried it with kitchen roll. It will eventually end up on a card. 

I'm off to check up on your blogs now...have fun....Lea x

Friday, 23 February 2018

Colouring with markers

Hello all

I'm sorry I've been AWOL...this colouring malarkey is really keeping me quiet. I'm still working with Kit and Clouder lessons and I'm learning loads. The fab thing about the classes are that as they are broken up into chapters I can stop and start so my wonky hands can keep up! This is what I've been working on over the last few days. It was done using Spectrum Noir pens...I find them quite tricky to use but the practise is helping (my tremor obviously doesn't help lol). I will not be beaten by a pen or pencil no matter how shaky the hands!

I'm going to spend the evening catching up on blogs. I have a fab weekend ahead as I am on a workshop ALL day with Julia Watts and the other day with Sue Wilson. I am very lucky that Colemans Craft Warehouse who are holding the workshops are very near to where I live. Guess who is very, very excited...only problem is the workshops wipe me out.....heyho can't wait....Lea X

Friday, 16 February 2018


Hi all

This is the shortest post ever...I wanted to show off my colouring again. It is definitely coming along. It takes me a while - probably longer than other people but heyho am I in a hurry - no I'm not! My hands don't always do as they're told...I'm finding a way round it I'm pleased to say. 

I'm off to do the background this space....Lea x

Thursday, 15 February 2018

Colouring with pencils

Hello all

I hope you are well.....sorry I've not been around for a few days...I've been absolutely shattered and because I'm shattered it affects my hands! It seems if it's not one thing these days it's another. I've managed to get round your blogs though. 

The image on my card was coloured with pencils when my hands were playing ball. The image is from The Greeting Farm and I coloured it using a tutorial from Kit and Clowder. I'm so chuffed with's not perfect but I'm still pleased...not bad for a learner. The pink card is from Anna Marie and the cream textured card is from my stash. I used Sue Wilson stitched rectangles to make the frame. I crisscrossed the ribbon and added a bow. I finished with some gems and a little rose. 

Thanks for coming by...until next time....Lea x